What Causes Spinal Subluxations and What Can You Do To Help?

disc injury

Aside from trauma, spinal subluxations are primarily caused by the cumulative effects of too much sitting, poor posture, and repetitive motions, which have become commonplace in our modern and sedentary lifestyle. The human spine requires constant movement, not constant sitting.

Spinal Subluxations in Red Deer AB

Sitting to your spine is like sugar is to your teeth, it causes immobility and eventual degeneration. One simple, yet profound way to address this problem in our modern society, where virtually everyone sits more than our hunter/gatherer ancestors did, is to get a Standing Desk at your work station.

This is something I have recently done in my new office and I can tell you first hand, it has reduced the amount of sitting I do and I notice having much more energy throughout my day. After researching, I found a Canadian Standing Desk Company that I have had excellent customer service with and offers a great price. The desk is beautiful and works perfectly. It automatically adjusts to any height from sitting to standing with programmable pre-sets. The company web address is www.anthrodesk.ca..

Making this one simple lifestyle change takes a major rock out of your backpack!

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