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Our Techniques

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Dr. Hindbo combines the following techniques, as appropriate, to address each patient’s needs in a way that uniquely gets to the root of your issues:

Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP)
“I like this approach because it looks at the ideal model of what a spine should be, and then addresses the global picture of spinal subluxation,” says Dr. Hindbo. In other words – CBP helps him to compare your spine to a perfect spine, and make specific, precise adjustments to restore your spine to that ideal state of health.

“This technique is very similar to CBP, but it looks at the spine at a segmental level,” explains Dr. Hindbo. The Gonstead technique allows him to look for the ideal relationship between two segments of vertebrae, locate a specific problem there, and correct it.

Dr. Hindbo uses drop tables and incorporates some of the principles of Thompson technique in his routine adjusting.

This technique allows for a more diverse approach toward joint mobilization, as the name implies. Dr. Hindbo applies it where necessary, and finds it more appropriate for some patients than for others. If you’re curious, ask him, or read more here.

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"Since I started attending this centre I have experienced positive changes in my health. The problems I had with my Back and Hip have also improved. These changes have given me the confidence to look forward to better health in the future."

- Anonymous

"Since coming to Life Chiropractic Wellness, I have been feeling so much better. Severe headaches were an everyday occurrence. I wasn’t sleeping well, my lower back hurt so bad that I was miserable. Now, I’m sleeping and very seldom do I get headaches. My lower back feels great. The tingling, tired feeling in my legs has almost left completely."

- Kathy Bowers

"Since I have been under Dr. Jeff’s care, I have enjoyed much less pain in my lower back and neck. The traction unit has been of great benefit to me personally. The workshops have been enjoyable and educational. The girls at the front desk are awesome! So friendly!"

- Cathy Hazel

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