Top Things You Can Do in Red Deer AB To Have Fun In 2017

Things to Do In Red Deer AB for A Weekend

Red Deer AB is a city like no other. The third-most populated city in Alberta has impressive attractions interweaved with heritage and culture. That makes it an excellent destination to engage in entertainment and adventurous activities. If you crave to be mesmerized by the allures of the city and you have limited time to visit, here are some of the things you ought to do:

Engage in the Red Deer Super Canada

The Spartan race is an ultimate hurdle that puts participants through the 12-kilometre course with more than 24 obstacles. The activities include throwing and carrying things as well as climbing and can take between 90 minutes and 3 hours to finish. You can sign up to participate or buy spectator tickets and watch the game from the sidelines.

Go fishing

The Red Deer River anchors invigorating recreational fishing and features a diversity of game fish. The fish species are native to the River and can include goldeye, northern pike, mountain whitefish, sauger, and walleye. Similarly, other lakes near Red Deer AB including Sylvan, Gull, and Pine are popular destinations for fishing pike and yellow perch.

Play at the Heritage Ranch

At the heritage ranch, you will find horse stables, walking paths, and two remarkable playgrounds. One of the playgrounds is located strategically near the stables, and you can see the horses as you hang out in the fantastic fields.

Cool down at the Discovery Canyon

The site is free to use, and you can bring along your inner tube or rent one for a small fee at the concession. Typically, water is propelled up from the lake below, and you can ride along it until you reach the pool at the canyon. Besides, you can play in the pool that has a sandy, lovely shore.

Hit the Park trail system

The parks in Red Deer AB and the remarkable natural green spaces in the city are famous throughout Alberta. There are over 100 km of easily accessible, equestrian trails. You can enjoy biking, jogging, hiking, picnics, and peaceful walks in the Wasksoo Park trail system. The trails connect visitors to beautiful park attractions such as the Western Ranch, water playground, and wildlife sanctuary.

Experience refreshing bird-watching at the Slack Slough - Slack Slough is an extensive bulrush marsh located on the south end of Red Deer, AB. Adjacent to the wetlands, it is an exceptional area to view waterfowl such as the dabbling and diving ducks as well as marsh and shorebirds. Buffleheads and Canada geese are common in summer and spring while tundra swans can be seen during their migration periods.

Discover the animals in Discovery Wildlife Park - Discovery Wildlife Park has some of the most exciting animals- from lions, tigers, and ostrich, to a camel. Throughout the day, the keepers hold different sessions to enlighten the visitors more about the animals. You also get a chance to take a picture with these furry friends.

The takeaway

Red Deer, AB is a perfect destination for a weekend jaunt. Whether you are looking for open-air adventures, cultural excitement, or just having a good relaxing time, this growing and thriving city has it all.