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Chiropractor Jeff Hindbo D.C., C.C.W.P.


Jeff Hindbo, D.C. is on a journey to revolutionize our community’s perception of true health and healing.

“I wanted to experience personal one-on-one with people – to witness breakthroughs and successes!”

Your chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Hindbo, has attended seven years of post secondary school and has obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC) from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He graduated Suma Cum Laude (highest academic honors) and was designated as a presidential scholar and holds a post-graduate certification as a Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner (C.C.W.P.).

Dr. Jeff has performed well over one hundred and fifty thousand specific chiropractic adjustments in his career, offering both relief and stabilization care as well as maintenance and wellness care. He utilizes digital x-rays to ensure the most specific chiropractic care possible.

His focus is on delivering safe, gentle, and effective evidence-based chiropractic care and to provide the tools needed to empower his patients to be fully involved in their own health and wellness.

A Passion to Teach and Encourage
“I always enjoyed helping other people learn,” says Dr. Jeff Hindbo. So when he had plateaued in his career as a refrigeration mechanic and began to look into new career possibilities, he began thinking about jobs where he could feel as satisfied at the end of the day as he did when he mentored his apprentices.

Dr. Hindbo was using a chiropractor at the time. He knew that chiropractic worked and kept his body functioning well. Ultimately, he was inspired to study chiropractic because he could help and teach people, while getting to the true cause of their health concerns.

His goal has been to find truth about what really makes an impact on health, and help people to make long-term proper changes instead of simply masking problems in their bodies.

Breaking Through the Culture Barriers
Dr. Hindbo chose Palmer College of Chiropractic because their educational focus and values were appealing to him. He liked that Palmer has, over the years, held on to their core values and not “sold out” to a culture that tends to focus on treatment of symptoms. Palmer remains an institution where chiropractic philosophy is about restoration of function of the body.

If there’s any one significant challenge he faces in practice today, it’s helping patients to grasp the understanding – that health comes from a properly functioning body.

“It can be hard at times to offer a service or product that’s different than what people think they are coming to get,” says Dr. Hindbo. Our culture tends to teach people to look for a quick fix or a “patch job”, but Dr. Hindbo tries to help patients understand that it takes effort and commitment to get well and stay well.

“We’ve created an environment where there are now options to stay unhealthy – unlike any other species. We’ve engineered movement out of our lives, we choose unhealthy food simply because they taste great, and we embrace stressful environments – all because it’s easier to go with the flow than to make changes,” says Dr. Hindbo.

When a patient sees the harmful effects of this, and commits to make changes – “Those breakthroughs are fun!”

Enjoying a Balanced Life
When he’s not working, Dr. Hindbo likes spending time outdoors enjoying nature through hunting, fishing, and golfing.

Dr. Hindbo began practicing in 2004, at a large chiropractic clinic in Hawaii where he gained tons of experience in spinal correction and was able to help many people. After nearly a year of great training there, he wanted to move home and open a clinic in Red Deer. His family support was here, and familiarity with the local area made it a wonderful place to begin his practice. Life Chiropractic Wellness Centre has been going strong since November of 2005.

Dr. Hindbo serves not only as a spinal correction chiropractor but also as a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner for the lifestyle coaching at Life Chiropractic Wellness Centre. His state of the art facility offers lifestyle coaching geared at transforming your health.

Helping You Get to the Root of Your Problem
“As a spinal correction doctor, I look for the primary cause of any spinal issue instead of providing ‘patch care’,” says Dr. Hindbo.

Our mission is to educate and adjust as many people as we can, and to help each person find their optimal path toward health. We believe that health comes from within. We all have a ‘doctor’ within us with an unlimited and amazing healing potential.

We teach evidence-based principles for getting well and staying well. And we promote aligning our lifestyle habits up to what our human bodies genetically require. We can only heal and function properly when we are living congruently with natural laws and when our nervous system (the master control centre) is not interfered with.

Achieving Lasting Results
Our practice approach is to look for and work toward long-term permanent results, and we utilize traditional chiropractic care methods to achieve relief and joint mobilization. We then go further with biophysics, to correct posture and curvature of the spine.

Once patients are stabilized and undergoing corrective care, we begin to teach and promote healthier habits, in support of great overall health. We make recommendations on how to eat better, how to move better, and how to think better. Our desire is that our patients would make changes even in their thinking, with the goal of living in a stress-free environment with stress-free relationships.

Dr. Hindbo has established dynamic partnerships with numerous health care professionals in wellness science throughout North America. The work being accomplished through Life Chiropractic Wellness Centre is changing the way that Red Deer views overall wellbeing.

We are most fulfilled when we see people take responsibility for their health. It’s about more than just coming to your scheduled appointments – it’s about making changes!

Are you ready for a change? Call  (403) 346-5433 today to learn more.

Who Are We?

At Life Chiropractic Wellness Centre we have a chiropractic assistant and a massage therapist on staff. Each person plays a unique role in helping you get well and stay well. We invite you to learn more about us and then call us to schedule an appointment today.

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"Since I started attending this centre I have experienced positive changes in my health. The problems I had with my Back and Hip have also improved. These changes have given me the confidence to look forward to better health in the future."

- Anonymous

"Since coming to Life Chiropractic Wellness, I have been feeling so much better. Severe headaches were an everyday occurrence. I wasn’t sleeping well, my lower back hurt so bad that I was miserable. Now, I’m sleeping and very seldom do I get headaches. My lower back feels great. The tingling, tired feeling in my legs has almost left completely."

- Kathy Bowers

"Since I have been under Dr. Jeff’s care, I have enjoyed much less pain in my lower back and neck. The traction unit has been of great benefit to me personally. The workshops have been enjoyable and educational. The girls at the front desk are awesome! So friendly!"

- Cathy Hazel

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